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The Forest x RectoVerso

Dernière mise à jour : 23 mai 2021

Article by RectoVerso

With this 100% belgian partnership RectoVerso & The Forest want to translate their mutual vision & mindset into a long term partnership based on sports, adventure, and nature.

As a 100% Belgian brand, we deeply appreciate our nation’s motto: “Unity is strength”. Now more than ever, we are stronger together. In our short history, we’ve always associated ourselves with strong brands that share our vision and values. When brother & sister duo Julie & Jerome - from The Forest (Tiny House) – contacted us, we were immediately enthused. Even though we are active in totally different industries, both our brands saw an immediate match of mindset and values. Why? Because we share the same core values ‘family’ and ‘adventure’, and we strongly believe that in diversity lies creativity.

Even though the Tiny House – a cozy and romantic cabin in the woods of Houwaart - is fully booked all year round, Julie and Jérôme are always on the look-out for new and challenging opportunities. Which is why they set up 2 new projects: Busmearound, and "The Forest Community".

At The Forest, the mission and the vision are to create a community of sports, adventure, nature and well-being enthusiasts in and around the cabin. Think of soothing yoga sessions, breathtaking cycling tours, inspirational speakers, outdoor trail runs, etc. The location is idyllic and romantic, the possibilities endless and exciting.

With Busmearound Jérôme and his girlfriend, Olivia, will tour around the world in an old Americanesque school bus which they’ve converted into a mobile Bed and Breakfast. Similar to The Forest, the goal is to create a (mobile) community of like-minded people who share a desire for adventure, sport, nature and well-being.

Once arrived at a specific location, they will welcome guests in their bus for theme-oriented weeks. After all, what better way to wake up than in the Alps with the mountain peak in sight or on the beaches of Portugal with the sound of rolling waves crashing on the breakwaters. With ‘Busmearound’ this comes within your grasp.

With this adventurous partnership, two families join forces to build stronger brands, create unique customer experience, and to raise awareness for sustainable and Belgian ideas. In the end, what speaks more to your imagination than a weekend full of adventure, sports, nature, and like-minded people?

To kick-off our partnership, we will organize our very first cycling tour on Sunday the 30th of August. More info soon.

About RectoVerso

RectoVerso is a high-end sportswear brand defined by superior quality fabrics, sophisticated designs, local production and smart technology. 100% BELGIAN From fabrics to stitchings, everything they design is produced locally. Their in-house confection lab is built on 130 years of experience in elastic fabrics a legacy that is now translated into sensible sportswear on the cutting edge of technology.

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