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What to do around The Forest ?

You've packed your bags and are ready to hit the road? It's possible.

Enjoy the area around you, a good fire, a kayak trip, a walk... If, however, you'd like to go further afield, here are a few addresses in the area.


  • Troostembergbos walk - Across the Kasteeldreef road. Easy and not too long, you can adapt this walk to your needs.

  • Walenbos - Nature reserve, on the other side of the main road. More details on walks here.

  • Horst Castle - Wonderful to walk to from the Tiny House. Once there, there's a large wood where you can go for walks around the feudal castle. There's also a brasserie where you can eat.

  • Hageland vineyards - More details on Hageland walks Here



Bike rides

The Hageland is the best place for cycling, flat and in the middle of fields. Below is a detail of the roads near Houwaart.


Other activities

  • Golf - Winge Golf & Country Club 5 min away

  • Château de Horst - 15 min away. on foot, snack bar on site.

Restaurants – Brasseries

  • Het Mooie Alternatief - The nearest bistro, just a 4-minute walk away. Please note that opening times and menus vary.  There's also a store selling local produce.

  • La Brasserie du château de Horst - Het Wagenhuis, 15min away on foot

  • La Brasserie Gempemolen - A 10-minute walk in the Troostembergbos.

  • The restaurant – brasserie NESTOR -

  • You have to take the car to get there. Tintin setting and varied cuisine.

  • Tielt-Winge Golf Restaurant - TASTE 19

  • Restaurant  “L’OH” - At Tielt Winge, you'll need to book in advance.

  • De Victorie à Linden - At the higher end of the market, further away, you have to drive.

  • Ter Bogaerde in Aarschot - Brasserie restaurant in Aarschot, varied cuisine in an old mill.

If you have any questions during your stay, please contact us by message on 0471 11 10 65.



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