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We took our Cowboy out of the city

Dernière mise à jour : 26 mai 2021

Pictures by Pauline Leclere

Cowboy takes you to the streets and now around The Forest. The 100% Belgian urban e-bike brand designed to take you around the city, is now at The Forest. Unifying intelligent technology and delightful design, the connected bikes are the perfect fit for our customers. With this 100% Belgian collaboration we want our customer to discover this incredible Belgian brand, while staying active and develop their love for new places.

Cowboy: a passion for craft, design and performance.

You can now test the new generation connected C3 Cowboy bikes during every stay at The Forest. Unlock in an instant, with the Cowboy app and a simple push of the pedal the single-speed motor kicks in automatically. With a full battery charge and an app connected to your bike and the road, you’ve got nothing to lose. Just ride and enjoy your test ride in the Hageland. The urban Cowboy bike adapts intuitively to power the speed you need. No need for buttons or gears, just accelerate smoothly and ride quickly. Like the bike and Cowboy’s quintessential minimalistic look? Take it back to the urban streets.

Wander around The Forest.

Even though the Cowboy bike is designed for strolling through the city, we found the perfect roads for an adventure around The Forest. With up to 70 km autonomy you will enjoy the hidden places of the region.

Starting at The Forest, to the Kasteel van Horst and the well known Vlooibergtoren our itinerary is accessible to those who want to stay fit or just want to enjoy a romantic getaway.

At The Forest, the mission is to create a community of sports, adventure, nature and well-being enthusiasts in and around the cabin. Think of soothing yoga sessions, breathtaking cycling tours, inspirational speakers, outdoor trail runs, etc.

We love the ride.

The Forest team got familiar with Cowboy while riding around Brussels. For more than 3 years now, we are close followers of the brand, we love the design and the performance of this urban bike.

We had the idea to bring the bike out of the city, to let our customers discover this technology on the roads around The Forest. Aware that this bike is not aimed at riding all-off-road in the mud, we prepared specific itineraries for those staying at The Forest. Enjoy.

About the C3 Cowboy

The Cowboy 3 is a very impressive hybrid-style e-bike for fuss-free urban riding. It offers an incredibly smooth ride thanks to its powerful motor, use of a carbon belt in place of a chain, and absence of gears.

The Cowboy 3 is extremely easy to set up and ride. The quick-start guide walks you through the process, and even includes the Allen keys necessary to adjust the seat height and straighten the handlebars. Cowboy offers its own repair and maintenance service so there’s no need to book an appointment at a bike shop.

Practical information

  • Available for rent upon request at The Forest: Two Cowboy C3 bikes.

  • Reserve your bike when booking your stay.

  • Download the Cowboy app on your phone and unlock the bike with The Forest credentials.

About Cowboy

Cowboy is a Belgian designer that is developing innovative electric bikes for urban riders. Cowboy’s main goal is to improve urban mobility and take commuters to their destination in a more enjoyable, sustainable and efficient manner. Founded in 2017 by start-up entrepreneurs Adrien Roose, Karim Slaoui and Tanguy Goretti, Cowboy is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium. Cowboy’s vision is to elevate the daily commute to the next level in terms of speed, comfort and freedom of movement around the city. Cowboy enhances the riding experience by unifying intelligent technology, delightful design and meticulous customer service.

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